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Even if you don’t believe in buying things, we’ve paired up with the folks over at BOOM! Studios for a wide-release of our 3rd book, Punching Zoo! This comic is actually IN THE BOOK. Right inside of it! All you’ve gotta do is open the book and the comic is right there! The future is now, you guys! 
Don’t trust me? Want to check for yourself? Use this website to find a comic book store near you and pick one up yourself:
Or you can buy one directly from BOOM! here:
Or preorder it on Amazon here:

One fan asked each actor to summarize their character’s dating profile and they answered in turn. “Sam Winchester: tall, floppy hair, all past girlfriends have died, tall, call if you’re interested but be prepared to sign an affidavit.” “Castiel: disrespect for people’s personal space.” “Dean Winchester: Rolling through town, no strings attached…interested?” “Crowley: Hello, girls (sexy Mark voice), or Hello, boys (sexy Mark voice).”
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